Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Little dudes shirt

After some excitement making my first mens shirt I thought I would continue on by doing it in miniature.  Like I said before, there's three dudes in this house, so sewing a shirt is something worth getting efficent at.  I used burda 9792 and I think it turned out so cute.  Or maybe it's just my kid that cute.  I'm a little biased.  For this pattern I learned how to do a different placket to my previous shirt, which I believe is called a continuous lap sleeve placket. A new skill to add to the sewing repertoire.  Another skill I tried for the first time was a flat felled seam.  A little more time consuming, yes, but a lot more shirt-y.  I tried it on the sleeves attached to the shirt and in retrospect, trying it for the first time on a curved seam on a size 2 pattern probably wasn't my smartest moment.  Not a total fail, but average.  One thing I didn't like about this pattern, is that there is no collar stand.  Once upon a time, I would have thought those whole 2 extra pieces of fabric to sew would be a waste of time for a kids shirt, or any shirt actually.  However, shirts with a collar stand are much easier to snap when hanging the laundry on the line, therefore avoiding ironing.  Also, collar stands just look better.  This pattern is self faced but next time I make it up I will try to draft a collar stand pattern.  Can you see the little trains on the buttons?  This shirt is very grown up, so I think novelty buttons makes it more kid friendly.  As you can from the above photos, little dude is discovering the joys of my sewing desk.  Not that he's yet interested in sewing.  More into making complex webs with my threads.  His other favourite toy is my pin cushion.  Each drawer now has a child lock on it.

Pattern: burda 9792 size 2
Fabric: Old, old chambray from mum's stash (even had fade marks on the folds)
Alterations: none


  1. So cute! Your boy and the shirt! I made some shirts for my son too and I had never seen a one piece collar but it was quick and easy. My son used to wear only collared shirts till he was about 5 so I could make them up quickly at least. See you at the meet up Rosi.

  2. Oh, this is too cute!