Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hits, Misses - actually just everything

For others

For me

Oh hi!  Long time, no see!  I guess that's what happens when you return to work as well as decide to sit a fellowship exam.  I've swapped the sewing machine for text books for the mo' but I'm still managing to sneak a little sewing in there.  I have a couple of makes to blog about too.  I wasn't going to do the top 5 thingy because I was sure I didn't even make 10 things this year.  But the collages above suggest otherwise.  Last year didn't feel very productive sewing wise and when I look back at my 'Sewing aims' list for 2013 it seemed a bit ambitious.  Then again, I always think I have more time than I actually do.  So as tempting as it is to create another 'to sew' list for this year, feeling all fresh and that, I am going to refrain.  I do resolve however to start wearing a bloody apron while cooking, to help protect the clothes I spend so much time making.  I've enjoyed reading everyone elses sewing reflections.  Very inspiring.  Happy New Year everyone and Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow - you do have your hands full at the moment. I hope you can find a little bit of time to sew, I always enjoy seeing what you make. Thanks for the encouragement yesterday :)

  2. Happy New Year Rosi. You have been busy and doesn't look like it will get any less busy for you. I think you had a very productive year considering a new baby, working and a fellowship exam! Hope you get some spare time to yourself to do whatever you need to. I just went back to look at that beautiful maxi again. So gorgeous.