Sunday, 22 September 2013

Briar dress

  I read somewhere about play clothes for mums and decided that I should have a playdress.
The hi-lo hemline of the Briar is its most distinguishing feature and obviously I did away with it for this dress.  I quite like the result, probably more than the Briar tops I made.  It was quite easy to convert the pattern to a dress.  There is a very slight flare from the waist and if this line is extended to dress length it creates a slight A line dress.  Simples.
Alterations: hem lengthened to dress length, pocket enlarged and lowered x2
Fabric: poly cotton knit
I would have liked to make this dress in a knit that had a spandex component to make it more stretchy for the yogic style bending, rolling, kicking, nursing, feeding that comes with mothering. I used a twin needle for all the top stitching and I must confess we are not really friends.  I'm more tempted to use a zigzag stitch.  But now that a bit of time has passed and I like the look of the pocket below, perhaps I will give the twin needle thing another chance.
The next time I wore this dress after photographing it, it may have been swiped across the front with a white gloss enamel coated paintbrush which may have been discovered by an unsupervised toddler who may have painted his hair with same gloss enamel.  Oh well play clothes....


  1. Lovely dress, exactly the sort of clothes you want to wear when you're around kids... You're a yummy mummy!

  2. Great dress! It looks comfortable and so pretty. I love stripes!

  3. Love the idea of play clothes. Anything good gets destroyed. This dress is seriously cute and looks mighty practical too.

  4. Oh no! Kids have a way of ruining nearly everything don't they? Such a cute dress though, I reckon you should wear it and claim it is artistic embellishment!